A Low-Cost Risk-Free Chance to Get to Know Consultant Copywriter Alan P. Carr – and Pick his Brains with Your Custom 3 Step Action Plan!

This consultationAction Plan with Action Plan gives you 3 ways to improve your website’s sales.

It’s specially designed for new clients like you that aren’t familiar with me or my way of working, giving you an easy way to dip your toe!


  • For New Clients Only
  • Custom-Made 3 Step Action Plan to Boost Your Website’s Visitor-to-Sales Ratio
  • My Standard Writing Fee is $1750; this Advice-Only Service is just $175!
  • Your Action Plan Payment is Deductible from my Full Service
  • Zero Obligation – If I Can’t Help You then there’s No Action Plan and No Fee – Easy!


Your First Step – Just Say Hello!

You fill in the contact form below, just to say hello and describe your business, as well as your website.

There’s no such thing as too much information! On the other hand you don’t need to write an essay; just give me a general overview of how things are now, and how do you want them to be?

The main things I need to know are:

  • Your Website URL
  • Your Basic Situation – Who, What, Where?
  • Your Current Plans and Expectations? Why, How and When?

I Say Hi Back…

Having read your email I have a quick look at your website and business model.

If I don’t think I can help you then I’ll say soand it will have cost you absolutely nothing to ask!

If I believe I CAN help you, then I’ll take a closer look, and then we arrange a time we can talk.

NOTE – because I know your privacy is important I’ll send you a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement BEFORE Our Meeting.

We Chat Online, using Skype, Telegram or Appear

Note that you don’t have to use video if you don’t want to; audio or text chat is fine!

You should set aside around one hour for this meeting. Also remember, I will have already checked out your website before the call, so we can get straight down to your real issues and opportunities.

We ask each other questions and then, only if I am still 100% SURE that I can help you with an Action Plan worth having, will I send an invoice (request for payment, in advance) so that we can move to the next step…

I Produce Your Personal Action Plan!

After receiving payment I then schedule some time to go over all the information you’ve given me, and then I further check out your website, your competition, your market and so on.

I’ll be looking for and noting down your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Yes, a good old-fashioned SWOT analysis; they still work!

This process may take awhile or it may be pretty quick, depending on your site, your market and how busy I am with other clients. You should presume approximately a week or two, though it may be a bit longer.

I then put together your Action Plan of quick fixes you could and should make to improve your sales!

These changes may be altering the selling text (‘sales copy’) or the site layout or something entirely different, perhaps a combination of such things.

I will NOT hold back just to be polite – I’ll give you my honest, blunt appraisal!

You will get at least 3 significant changes to make to your website.

The changes may seem minor, or they may be major – every site and business model is different – but when you carry out these changes you should see a significant improvement in your conversion rate.

Each improvement will have an explanation for the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’, which is a free bonus I know my regular clients really appreciate!

This is an extremely affordable way to have me on your side, and of course it’s also a great way for me to PROVE I can help you – win/win!

“Stopped me in my tracks”

“Alan’s critique of my site and following salesletter stopped me in my tracks and made me reassess my business from the ground up. Great work!”

Arion G

After Your Action Plan?

Braver souls often jump straight in, but naturally this Action Plan is shamelessly intended as your first baby steps in engaging me as your new (and favorite) copywriter!


It’s important to remember this is a standalone product, without any obligation. You’re free to take away your Action Plan, using it as a guide for hiring a different writer, making the changes yourself or simply as a super-affordable way to consult with me. Your choice.

Should you choose to go ahead with my full copywriting or consultancy service (and you should!) then I discount your Action Plan fee from that. That’s just fair, right?

So here’s your opportunity, let’s talk:



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