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Don't Just Hire a Copywriter!

I’ve been here enjoying life on the island of Borneo as an independent, full-time professional copywriter since 2004.

It’s not enough.

Here’s why not…

Across the net are many websites selling successfully, making their owners a MINT of money – and in contrast I see far too many that I know could – and SHOULD – be selling much better than they are.

They’re failing to reach their sales potential, simply because their site owners are not sales people.

That’s normal of course; most people aren’t ‘salesy’ – but the good news is I AM a salesman!

On a regular basis medium-size business owners pay me to bully them into fixing their websites, and I love doing it!

But here’s the thing…

For well over a decade my help has been via writing – or rewriting – the sales ‘copy’ (text). That’s fine; that’s what I do, I’m a sales copywriter.

I’m a salesman via text.

You hire a coder to write software, you hire a graphic artist to do graphics, and for describing and SELLING your products or service you hire an expert sales-writer, like me. That’s simply the smart thing to do, and almost all successful websites are already doing exactly that.

But like I said, I’ve learned a lot, I study a lot – and I can help you with so much MORE than just your text project!

So I’ve decided to give you something far, far beyond what copywriters normally offer…


“…he really cares about how to improve my business”

“Alan would not provide samples of other client’s work but after discussing my business with him it became obvious that he knows what he’s doing. Over many months he has been a constant source of improvements with his changes making a positive impact on my language learning SaaS.

The most important thing is that I developed a 100% trust level with him and know that he really cares about how to improve my business. He gives great recommendations on all aspects of my business with detailed explanations, so that I’m getting a good understanding about why a certain approach is better! I thoroughly recommend working with Alan, who is pleasant to work with, as well as a genuine expert.”

Achim Haug
CEO L-Lingo.com

Achim (left) The First Client to Visit Me in Borneo. I Lent him my spare bike and he proved he can ride off-road!

First, Let’s Take Away Time Pressure…

…because nobody likes time pressure!

We usually think of flustered clients chasing laid-back copywriters about deadlines, but the squeezing of time works both ways…

Professional copywriters have other clients to service, bikes to ride, boats to sail – and in my case the world’s 2nd largest tropical island that I haven’t finished exploring yet.

There’s a real limit to just how much time a busy copywriter is willing to spend on you and your project, however with THIS service that time limit is 3 full months; a quarter of a year.

Which is somewhat awesome, true?

Note: because some clients will keep renewing this consultation every 3 months as an ongoing partnership, and as I only work with 2 clients at a time, spare slots ARE limited!

Working together over the longer term like this gives us time to look at your sales funnel and conversion rate optimization as a whole, not just your homepage text.

I’ve developed my own 7 step system, which includes:

  • A Simple – and Essential – Site Health Check
  • Product Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Persona Creation
  • Sales Tunnel Creation/Repair
  • Future Road-Mapping
  • Your Main Sales Copy Re-Written


Time for Tweaking and Testing!


If you’ve stumbled across this website please note that I haven’t finished it yet, as I’m busy with client stuff  – you may want to see my old site at www.copywriter-ac.com for now 🙂

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